A Time and Place for Styles

There were two great posts covering the usage of styles recently, one by Dave Smith and the other by Dan Lew. Dave’s post warns not to be over-zealous with extracting properties styles; just because you can put a certain view property in a style, doesn’t mean you should. Dan’s post offers a set of guidelines to follow to keep your… Read more →

Maintaining Strings for Translation

When introducing translations for your app, a process which often runs in parallel with on-going development, you might start to hit issues with conflicts: renamed resource IDs, removed resource IDs, added resources, and modified resources. A working example I’ll use SeriesGuide because: there’s a decent number of string resources the original strings.xml is in English there already seems to be… Read more →

Getting Started with your Android app

So, what’s the best way to get started with a project? Most of our work at Novoda has been providing for companies that already have an iOS app or an outdated Android app – that is, for companies with an existing service and existing users. Part of this parcel also includes, from the client and existing users’ point of view,… Read more →

How we do

I wanted to document the lifecycle of a project at Novoda, using an app I wrote as an example. This would include explanations about how we use tools for source code management, project discussions and project tasking/reporting to keep everyone involved and invested throughout the project, and even more importantly, how we’ve changed the way we use these tools over… Read more →